2019 – October

Sea Week – in association with Conamara Environmental Education & Cultural Centre


because of family circumstances

2019 – October
Artists in Residence – Lise-Lotte Norelius and Soren Runolf – Sweden
with support of

and in collaboration with Galway Jazz Festival

2019 – September

Interface at Clifden Arts Festival 2019

Everything is connected – Eileen Ryan  

18th-29th September, Gallery beside Hedz, Clifden Station House

An Enduring Mystery – Interface members, curated by Alannah Robins

21st – 29th September, Interface, Recess, Co Galway

Book Launch – Three new titles to be launched by Dr Eimear O Connor: ‘from dream to dream’, ‘Hatchery’ and ‘Sehnsucht’

Thursday 26th September, 3pm at Omey Suite, Clifden Station House Hotel

in collaboration with Artisan House and thanks to LEADER – the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe Investing in Rural Areas and Galway County Council


2019 – July



Open Call – Members’ Show, Interface

18 – 29 September

In his book The Blue Sapphire of the Mind, Douglas E. Christie explores a contemplative approach to ecological thought and practice. He argues that it is only through changing the quality of our attention to the natural world that we can learn to live with other living organisms and with one another. 

He cites Robert Finch when he writes:

To perceive and give expression in language to what [the poet Denise] Levertov calls the “spirit within [the] phenomena” is an imaginative act born of our recognition that our relationship with the natural world is, as Robert Finch suggests, “more than strictly intellectual, biological, cultural or even ethical…[that it] is, at its very heart, an enduring mystery.


Deadline: 15 August

Artists must be members of Interface to apply. Information on membership is on the website

Applications should be submitted via email to

2019 – July
Artists in residence – Michelene Huggard and Melissa O Faherty

in association with Notre Dame Global Centre Kylemore Abbey

2019 – June
Artist In Residence – Leah Beggs – Galway

with thanks to Galway County Council Arts Office


2019 – February


Proposals are invited from practicing artists, writers and musicians whose work explores intersections between scientific research and the arts. The Interface studio is located in premises shared with the Inagh Valley Trust, which drives a number of innovative scientific research projects. Interface offers artists an opportunity to engage with a unique environment and to be inspired by the exciting research taking place in a spectacular landscape.

Deadline: 28th February, 2019

Time: Spring/Autumn 2020

How to apply: Send one pdf including your proposal, cv, artist’s statement and eight samples of recent work or links to work. Please include a letter of reference.

What we offer: Access to a studio space and accommodation for residency periods between 2 and 6 weeks long.

Please note: A driver’s license and a car are essential for this residency for which the artist is entirely responsible.

2018  – December – 2019 – January



Open Call. In August of this year it was announced that 159 post offices in Ireland would be closed, eighteen in County Galway alone. As the post office is still at the heart of a lot of rural communities and a lot of the smaller towns and villages, this will have serious consequences for these populations. On 30th January 2019,our local post office in Moyard will close its doors, and this will inevitably exacerbate the extreme geographic isolation experienced by many along this Western coastline. You are invited to send a postcard to the Moyard Post Office in January 2019, with artwork in response to this short-sighted injustice. All artworks will be displayed in the Post Office for the month of January, and then sold to raise funds for Interface, developing a space for artists in this isolated rural community.
Interface Postal Closure Project
Moyard PO,
Co. Galway
End January 2019

2018 – November

Incomplete Nature – Stockholm

Ian Wieczorek – Mary Donnelly – Bernie Dignam – Masanori Matsuda – Margaret Irwin – Angela Williams – Noelle Gallagher – Michael Geddis – Nickova Behling


2018 -November

Artist in Residence – Selma Makela – Galway

with thanks to Galway County Council


2018 – November

Artist in Residence – Brent Meistre – South Africa

2018 – October

Artist in Residence – Yriänä Sauros – Finland


in collaboration with Galway Jazz Festival 

Galway Jazz Festival

2018 – September

Artist in Residence – Eileen Ryan – USA 

Eileen’s research at Interface began by exploring and archiving the Inagh Valley’s geological fingerprint. She collected minerals, plants and natural pigments from the landscape to include in her ‘atlas of places [I’ve] migrated to. Through this process, I was introduced to gorse, a prevalent thorny bush with soft yellow nutty scented petals that dotted the green landscape with swathes of bright yellow. Upon further investigation, I learned of the gorse’s many uses including agricultural, medicinal, spiritual and folkloric. My research continues with the gorse as I test and explore its many benefits.’ 




Nineteen artists made up the show Incomplete nature, which was opened at Interface on 14th September by the wonderful Philip King. The work was hung throughout the building, both in the studio and adjacent to the biomedical facility which now shares the space. We also launched the newly renovated space, which is now both warm, cosy and comfortable thanks to the Department of Culture, Heritage and Gaeltacht and to Leader.


Govt of Ireland Logo

Angela Williams, Louise Manifold, Masanori Matsuda, Ian Wieczorek, Betty Gannon, Sarasija Subramanian, Geraldine Behan, Jolene Mok, Margaret Irwin, Michael Geddis, Stephanie Auger & Vanessa Locatelli,  Bernie Dignam, Oilbhe Scannell, Nickova Behling, Mary Donnelly, Alannah Robins, Cara Farnan, Noelle Gallagher

The exhibition was supported by the Galway County Council and by Culture Night Galway.

2018 – August 

Artist in Residence – Darn Thorn – Ireland 


2018 – July


INCOMPLETE NATURE – Open call for members’ show: Incomplete Nature @ Interface, Connemara (September 14th – 24th) and Detroit Stockholm (November 8th – 18th). Applications to be made by sending a single PDF, requirements and exhibition theme description can be found here. All media welcome for consideration. Applicants must be members of Interface, criteria for membership can be found here. Deadline 17th August.

2018 – July

We are delighted to announce the completion of a first round of renovation works at Interface, thanks to capital investment on behalf of the Department of Culture Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Govt of Ireland Logo

This work has seen a solid fuel stove installed, which heats five radiators, as well as the glazing and sealing in of a private studio space, resulting in a fantastically bright, warm work space, with views over the beautiful Inagh Valley.

2018 – March

Artists in Residence – Stéphanie Auger and Vanessa Locatelli explored the use of local plants, lichens and seaweeds for dying fabric. 

This project was generously supported by the Canadian Council for the Arts.


2018 – February 


Deadline: 2nd March 2018

Calling all artists, musicians and writers interested in residencies Autumn – Winter 2018 and Winter – Spring 2019. Please send a pdf to The pdf should include your proposal (no more than 1 page), CV, artists’s statement and eight samples of recent work. Please include a letter of reference in your application. 


Deadline: 16th March 2018

We are delighted to announce, in collaboration with Galway County Council, a two week residency opportunity in Autumn 2018 to a Galway based artist, writer or musician. Please send a pdf to The pdf should include your proposal (no more than 1 page), CV, artists’s statement and eight samples of recent work. Please include a letter of reference in your application. and specify Galway Co Co Residency Award in the subject field.

2018 – January

Artists in Residence – Ruth le Gear and Kaitlyn Bryson  

Ruth and Kaitlin met on the Land Arts of the American West expedition, as part of the Water rights programme at SFAI in 2016.It was there that they learnt that their complementary art practices and epistemological perspectives could demonstrate how artwork can heal lands and people. Both incorporate bioremediation into their artistic practices, Kaitlin using fungal tissue to absorb heavy metals from water and Ruth with water remedies inspired by homeopathy. In their short stay with us, they were working together to create a remedy based artwork for the lands affected by the 2015 Gold King Mine Spill which devastated communities around the Animas and San Juan rivers. They were also working on making remedy clouds. The clouds are made with water vapor from Ruth’s water remedies, and medicinal mushroom and lichen essences that Kaitlin has made while at Interface. 

2017 – December

Foad Alijani

Iranian artist Foad Alijani should have been artist in residence together with Matsuda, Geddis, Mok and Subramanian. However, due to his not be granted a visa, he was sadly unable to be in Connemara for that period of time. Alijani, not to be defeated, decided to carry out his project anyway. With the help of Marie Louise Heffernan of The Ecology Centre, we were able to support his project and supply him with information he needed about medicinal herbs in Ireland, and those common to both Iran and Ireland Alijani writes:

“Art is accomplished through the interaction of the human kind, as the artist seeks his need to discover himself. In the visual arts there is an ongoing dialogue between images and the material world. My personal approach artistically is an imitation of creation, consisting of a beginning, a path and finally the art work. My idea is to be able to keep the balance between these three parts. I truly believe that the path is the peak of all art works. The coexistence of knowledge of the universe’s entity and the interaction of all inside and outside made possible. This path is everlasting”


The Herbal Tea

2017 – November –  December 

The work of Japanese Masanori Matsuda is all about the light. This gentlest of men arrived here from Japan in early in November, namely the darkest month of the year as it lies between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. As we all know, sunlight is precious during the month of November, and Masanori was keen to ‘put focus on the quality and trajectory of sunlight during this very month for the development of [his] work.’ 

‘Meanwhile, I am fascinated by the way Celtic spirituality is highly connected and influenced by sunlight and darkness. While November is the darkest month, I find the Irish saying of which ‘the veil between the two worlds – the death and the alive – is very thin in November’ astounding.
The slightly uncanny definition of the close distance between different worlds in Irish culture became a major inspiration in my thinking process. I hope to evolve my work basing on the idea of seeing through a thin veil that binds the two worlds, sunlight, darkness, time and space together.’ 

Indian artist Sarasija Subramanian describes her engagement with found natural objects and aspects of the natural world as resulting in assemblages in a ‘quasi-archival format.’ As an artist engaged in the intersections of science, political histories and presents, mythology and folklore, she re-positions information that would otherwise be lost, misplaced or forgotten, using a combination of photography, drawings and found objects to create open-ended spaces of discourse. Having spent six weeks engrossed in a combination of science through the eyes of a coral farm and hatchery in Inagh, the Dublin Botanical Garden, and readings of Celtic myths and Irish folklore, her current project is a ‘dialogue between contradictory modes of knowledge and how they validate and disprove each other’s sanctity’ She has been documenting the coral farm through drawings and photographs, ‘In the context of man’s intervention and the consequent adaptation of nation to such interventions,’ looking in parallel at Celtic myths of Sea Monsters.

Belfast based artist, Michael Geddis was brought up in a small seaside town on the East coast of Ireland and spent his teenage holidays lobster potting and picking, drying and selling edible seaweeds. Specialising in finely detailed drawing, he delights in the elegant beauty of natural forms. In his aim to generate visually compelling artwork that incorporates a discernibleconceptual watermark, he melds macroscopic and microscopic patterns from nature and finds tiny microscopic structures particularly inspirational.

As a veterinary surgeon in his past life, Michael did a lot of orthopaedic work. He has, therefore, an informed appreciation of the innovative use of coral in assisting bone healing including the major benefits of its unique absorbable natural properties. He was delighted, therefore, when some of the team at Inagh shared beautiful electron microscope images of coral skeletons with him. Some of these feature amazing close-up shots of human bone growth cells making themselves at home on the inviting surface of the coral. New work is sprouting abundantly from this highly fertile creative environment, and it is inspiring to see his focus, as he dons his microsurgeons magnifying loupes to produce incredibly intricate drawings.

2017 – November




exhibition travels to Stockholm for one weekend. This show groups together the work of twelve of the members, and Australian award winning artist in residence, Anna Glynn. Work by Alannah Robins, Anna Glynn, Angela Williams, Dolores Lyne, Ian Wieczorek, Jane Cassidy, Kate Fahey, Linda Schirmer, Liz Quirke, Louise Manifold, Mary Donnelly, Sarah Wren Wilson, Yvonne Hennessy.

Open from 11-18.00, Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November

Detroit Stockholm, Roslagsgatan 21


Storm-lands, Louise Manifold

with thanks to


2017 –  October 

Leipzig born, Belfast based Jasmin Märker

‘By engaging with fungal and bacterial cultures I seek analogies to societal cultures, exploring relevant scientific concepts and their philosophical paradigms. The nature of my work is very experimental. My project ideas frequently stem from scientific hypotheses of how something affects something, but my artistic imagination takes it from there. ‘ This woman was a total inspiration. When she was not cycling, she was foraging, fermenting everything in sight, baking amazing loaves of sour dough bread in the cave at Moyard and making art out of seaweed, mushrooms and bacteria. 

Galway Jazz Festival

Brett Sroka and Rauno Nieminen in concert at the Galway Jazz Festival



Interface and Carousel in collaboration at Sluice Biennial, Hackney, exploring the longing for the homeland, nostalgia and borders.

2017 –  September

SURFACE TENSION @ Interface –  Exhibiton of members and artists in residence, in collaboration with Clifden Arts Festival.

11am- Saturday, 16th September
11am-Monday, 18th September
4pm-Wednesday, 20th September 
8pm-Friday, 22nd September in collaboration with Culture Night

Meeting at Lidl Carpark Clifden for car pool. Please ring Alannah @ 086 1993878 to book a place.

Brett Sroka
Madelaine Sillfors

Anna Glynn

Sarah Wren Wilson
Louise Manifold
Angela Williams
Margaret Irwin
Dolores Lyne
Ian Wieczorek
Kate Fahey
Jane Cassidy
Liz Quirke & Yvonne Hennessy
Alannah Robins & Linda Schirmer

with thanks to

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2017 –  August  


SURFACE TENSION – Open call for members’ show: Surface Tension @ Interface, Connemara (September 13th – 24th) and Detroit Stockholm (November 2nd – 5th). Applications to be made by sending a single PDF containing the following: Artist’s statement (max A4),  description of work for submission, up to 5 images and list of requirements for installation. All media welcome for consideration. Applicants must be members of Interface, criteria for membership can be found here. Deadline: 1st September.

2017 – July

We received over 30 applications from around the planet and the full programme for Autumn is now realised:

September –  Madelaine Sillfors, Brett Sroka and Rauno Nieminen. In collaboration with Galway Jazz Festival, Clifden Arts Festival and Culture Night we are delighted to announce the arrival of these fine artists. Four site visits will give an audience a chance to experience the work of Sillfors and Sroka together with a member’s show at Interface during the Clifden Arts Festival. Anyone still around Galway for the Galway Jazz Festival (5th – 8th October) will have the opportunity to hear Nieminen and Sroka in concert.


     Jasmin Marker.  “My primary material interest lies in the microbial kingdoms. By engaging with fungal and bacterial cultures I seek analogies to societal cultures, exploring relevant scientific concepts and their philosophical paradigms.
The nature of my work is very experimental. My project ideas frequently stem from scientific hypotheses of how something affects something, but my artistic imagination takes it from there. Thereby I negotiate possible intersections of art and science.”


Sarasija Subramanian (India)

Foad Alijani (Iran)

Michael Geddis (Ireland)

Masanori Matsuda (Japan)

2017 –  June

Our deadline of 6th July for the open call of residencies Autumn/Winter 2017 is fast approaching.

2017 – April


We proudly announce that Surfacing –  Linda Schirmer and Alannah Robins – is being screened as part of Limited Access 7, festival for moving images, sound and performance, Tehran this month.

In September, coinciding with Clifden Arts Festival, Interface will host Swedish artist, Madelaine Sillfors.“My work takes place in the field of drawing and sculpture in a way that I focus on the architecture, and spiritual information I hear/see when working in a space. I often use the spatiality of the room as a reference point, and at Interface I would work spatially with the old salmon hatchery and the very interesting architecture of the old water tanks. I have started to work with the concept of the function of the sift. Filtering…with the filtering function of many living creatures in the sea.” New York composer, musician and sound artist, Brett Sroka comes to Interface in late September/early October.“The liminality that defines electro-acoustic sound, the transition between those aural phenomena, has been a recurring theme in my work, which has manifested itself in acoustic pieces that are transformed into electronic reflections of  themselves in real time, performance techniques that confound the physical and the aural, or generative sound installations that grow out of improvisation or audience interaction.”

Glynn and Dalmazzo

A few images and links to Cusp and Fusion, some excerpts of work by Anna Glynn and Peter Dalmazzo, completed during their residency at Interface.


2017 – March


Some pictures of the Interface presentation stand at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm. It was a fantastic event, with lots of meetings with wonderful people. 


with thanks to

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Some pictures of Glynn and Dalmazzo at work on site, in interview on Connemara Community Radio, and on a guided shore walk with Marie Louise Heffernan of The Ecology Centre.


2017 – January

We are delighted to announce that Anna Glynn and Peter Dalmazzo (Australia) will be artists in residence from early March to mid April. A multi media artist and a bioloist, both are experienced professionals in their respective fields and enjoy collaboration with each other as well as others in the community.

Glynn has received a number of Awards including: in 2013 she was a finalist in the ‘Australian Art in Asia Awards’ which recognised her ongoing commitment to international collaboration, in 1998 she received an International Women’s Day Award for contribution to ‘Women, Art & the Community and in 2009 her painting ‘Brave Hunter’ was chosen as the iconic Australian image for the cover of ‘A Concise History of Australia’. Dalmazzo received the 2015 Shoalhaven City Arts Boards Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts.

“Our love of nature is a strong influence on our professional practices. Anna’s multimedia works embrace narrative within nature, fleeting layers of time, past and present. Peter has broad interests from fish to birds, algae to terrestrial vegetation. His research on underwater sounds led to the creation of the Catalogue of Australian Marine Animal Sounds…We are applying as a couple working with diverse skills in multimedia art and science. A residency through Interface in the Inagh Valley would provide us with uninterrupted time to collaborate and utilise our interdisciplinary skills to research and develop new projects. We would observe, record, reflect and work together ‘where art and science meet’ – combining multimedia art and environmental endeavour.”

2016 – November


Interface in attendance at the ResArtis Conference at Tehran

exploring Roots and Routes: Challenges and Opportunities of Connectivity with thanks to




2016 – September

Linda Schirmer (DE) and Alannah Robins (IE) have been working on their current collaborative project, ‘Surfacing’. Using the old water tanks at the facility, they have explored qualities of water, of submersion and surfacing through dance, projection and film.