Sarah Ellen Lundy

Sarah Lundy works through the use of moving image. Using assemblage of quotidian objects and ephemeral performance materials, the works endeavour to negotiate provocative arrangement and question autonomy in the face of innate and applied homogenization.
Repetition features regularly in her practice, often manifesting itself in large-scale sculptural pieces that prompt dialogue on the systems that govern our existence. This meditation on systems is often juxtaposed starkly with single and singular items displaced and then displayed.
The aesthetic is post-minimalist with a focus on eloquent paradoxes of form and function, and their relationship to identity, with frequent reference to the feminine perspective. Communication is a recurring theme in terms of prompting discourse on how meaning is constituted.

Surfaces are often used in an exploratory manner with an ocular play on relief, often working site specifically and directly with the architecture of a place to create spatial interventions. The significance of positive and negative space is an ongoing investigation. Binary opposition (natural/synthetic, form/function, positive/negative, dark/light etc) is used as a core means of comprehension on one hand whilst exploring contradiction on the other.