Passepartout Duo

Passepartout Duo is a music group comprised of pianist Nicoletta Favari and percussionist Christopher Salvito. Making music that escapes categorization, the duo’s ongoing travel around the world informs the multi-disciplinary collaborations, instrumental compositions, and evocative music videos that constitute their body of work. The musical events they create focus on reconsidering the modalities in which people listen to and connect with music, and are cast from a wide range of aesthetics and disciplines.

‘Coming from a contemporary classical background, infused now and then with improvisation, jazz, ambient and more, our music takes inspiration from our everyday experience of life, imbued into solid structural patterns as much as process experimentations. In our latest work we are increasingly interested in the sonification of our surroundings through the use of a handmade analog synthesizer that we continue to build to this day. Through the use of everything from contact microphones and found objects to percussion and keyboards, our goal is to be ambassadors of this experimentation for wide audiences by taking an approach that brings people into the highly detailed and rich world we reside in as artists.’