International Residency Exchange Eda Sarman

My time at Leitrim is to be never forgotten. I felt fully immersed into the beautiful landscape and met with the lovely creatives the center brings together.

During my time at the residency, I worked on “nature pumps!”. In the green boggy landscape as you get closer to the stepped Easanna Ui Fhoghlù, the weather gets a little colder, sounds get muggier and one finds a series of cascading waterfalls varying in height. From afar, the stone steps of Easanna Ui Fhoghlù look like stairs, close up they are slippery and mossy rocks guiding the way water flows. Over the time I spent at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre, I worked on a series of ceramic inserts and placed them into the cascading layers of the waterfall, to divert, extend and catch the water just a little differently.