Jen McHugh

Jen McHugh from Tuam, Co. Galway and is a graduate of Contemporary Art in GMIT. Focusing on themes of landscape and identity, she used photography, video and sculptural processes. Her artistic interests also include community art and sustainability. Throughout her studies in GMIT, she volunteered with artistic and community projects based in Galway and Berlin.

‘While I was in Interface, I focused my attention on the contrast of the industrial former salmon hatchery with the rugged natural landscape that surrounds it. The green tanks that once manifested salmon production stood empty while dense blocks of spruce forest loom over the site. Walking through the site there is a sense of regrowth as the saplings of spruce are sprouting up between the steel tank structures. There is a regrowth with the use of the building that reinvigorates the use of land in Connemara.’