All the Dark Places
July 2023
Curated by Alannah Robins

Eliška Kováčiková | Hardy Langer | Margaret O Brien | Mary Donnelly | Noel Arrigan

All the Dark Places is a site-specific exhibition curated by Alannah Robins. In the unique environs at Interface, a visual artists’ workspace in the Inagh Valley, Connemara, this exhibition brings together the work of five artists exploring the unseen pulse in the landscape. The five artists approach the subject of landscape through paint, kinetics, multi-media sculpture and installation. Their engagements range from the spiritual and metaphysical to investigating more sinister, corporate exploitation of nature.

Photos: Aoife Herriott



Performance Ecologies
August 2022
Curated by Áine Phillips with Alannah Robins

Gustaf Broms|Day Magee|Eileen Hutton|Noel Arrigan|Tadhg Ó Cuirrín

Read a transcript of the conversation at the artists’ breakfast on the Sunday morning here.

Falling in Love Outward
July 2022
Curated by Alannah Robins

Jane Cassidy|Breda Burns|Ian Wieczorek|Jenny Soep|Emmy Dijkstra|Zahra Zavareh|Seçil Yaylalı|Gülçin Aksoy|Özgür Demirci

Photo credit: Emiljia Jefremova

May 2022
Órla Mc Govern

with Niceol Blue, Liz Kane & Yvonne Kane




Broken Vessels
September 2021
Curated by Brent Meistre

Noelle Gallagher|Christine Dixie|Louise Manifold|Monique Pelser|Anne Marie Deacy|Lesego Rampolokeng

Photo credit: Emiljia Jefremova

September 2020
Curated by Alannah Robins

Jane Cassidy|Lelia Ní Chathmhaoil|Bernie Dignam|Angela Williams|Margaret Irwin West|Michael Geddis|Órla McGovern

Photo credit: Aoife Herriot

Enduring Mystery
September 2019
Curated by Alannah Robins

Dolores Lyne|Claire McCluskey|Breda Burns|Alannah Robins|Kate Fahey|Mary Donnelly|Angela Williams|Rosie McGurran|Kathleen Furey|Ian Wieczorek|Selma Makela|Anna Glynn & Peter Dalmazzo|Ciara MacMahon|Margaret Irwin West

Photo credit: Alannah Robins

Incomplete Mystery
September 2018
Curated by Alannah Robins

Jasmin Märker|Ian Wieczorek|Betty Gannon|Nickova Behling|Louise Manifold|Mary Donnelly|Margaret Irwin West|Masanori Matsuda|Michael Geddis|Stéphanie Auger & Vanessa Locatelli|Oilbhe Scannell|Angela Williams|Bernie Dignam|Sarasija Subramanian|Jolene Mok|Noelle Gallagher|Cara Farnan|Geraldine Behan

Photo credit: Alannah Robins

Surface Tension
September 2017
Curated by Alannah Robins

Betty Gannon|Dolores Lyne|Madeline Sillfors|LizQuirke & Yvonne Hennessy|Kate Fahey|Jane Cassidy|Louise Manifold|Ian Wieczorek|Sarah Wren Wilson|Anna Glynn|Angela Williams|Linda Schirmer & Alannah Robins

Photo credit: Alannah Robins