International Residency Exchange Eliška Kováčiková

‘Symphony of drowning’ is a site-specific installation exploring the remains of the local environment of a former salmon hatchery, with emphasis on its hidden elements and space between them. The installation consists of over 600 wooden pieces collected from the surrounding forests, each different size and shape, partially deformed or broken. Together they create a dynamic body, a construction that flows around, rises and descends into the ground, flies and then collapses in the air.
The installation is built inside of a large fish tank and it’s inspired by its shape. A circle as a trap, as a symbol of perfection and timelessness, it has no beginning and no end. In this case this divine symmetry is broken, like its surroundings after the imprint of time. One can walk in and around to become a part of this eternal circle, a symphony of life and death.