International Residency Exchange Kathryn Maguire

Interface has programmed an exchange residency between the members of Interface, Pasaj Istanbul, Detroit Stockholm and Leitrim Sculpture Centre. Kathryn Maguire was hosted by Pasaj Istanbul & Leitrim Sculpture Centre.


Pasaj Istanbul

Kathryn Maguire is making diverse cultural references linking the past with the contemporary; exploring geology, the history of materials, building materials, and the circular economy in climate crisis. Her practice concentrates on lithics, minerals, mining, and knowing place from the mantle up.

Her residency in Pasajist in Istanbul started with the ritual of touchstones in the fabric of the city. The research was informed and expanded generously by Dr. Mehmet Serkan Yatağan in the Faculty of Architecture- Building Materials Department, Gönenç Göçmengil Professor at the History of Science Department, at Istanbul University, Turkey, and Prof. Dr. Fatma Gülmez Yıldırım in the Faculty of Mines at Istanbul Techincal University. Maguire has explored rocks and minerals and fossils in the Istanbul area. She has attempted to make new rocks on her residency, and to understand the experience of complexities of deep time visible in Istanbul’s building materials.

Leitrim Sculpture Centre

Kathryn focused on walking the landscape and looking at the geological forms and fossils in the surrounding Hills in Leitrim, which are an ongoing concern in her practice. She then found specimens to cast, such as a sandstone rock in the form of strata, and a tree branch. She wanted to make an open-face mould using silicon rubber. She created a wooden structure with the help of Nick Hughes and then built up a pouring layer with clay, then secured the rock with the clay layer to the wooden base. After completing the two moulds she used various materials to pour into them such as jesmonite and resin.

The works seeks to represent future ancient fossils. She hopes to return to the Centre in the near future and cast other rock forms in bronze or another metal. The cast works shall become part of a show she is working towards in Istanbul.