Jenni Nikinmaa

Jenni Nikinmaa is a playwright, poet, performer & theatre-maker originally from Finland, currently based on the island of Inishmore. She makes site-related, immersive, interactive and digital performances that often deal with difficult topics such as trauma, self-harm and climate emergency through kind and unblinking forthrightness and beautiful and disturbing poetic language. She is also accidentally funny.

Most recent works include
– An immersive waiting room The Other World where we are on our way to Utopia – a work-in-progress showing was presented as part of Theatre57 TEST residency in 2022.
– A digital play, It´s True I Love You All So Much (Eva´s Echo Theatre Company 2021), about self-harm and how it is much wider than cut wrists. The autobiographical play was the subject of Dr. Sarah Hoovers presentation at IFTR World Conference 2022.
– A socially distant adaptation of a play Älä jätä jälkiä (Leave No Trace) through letters, click-through videos and video calls – premiere 2021 in Helsinki.
Jenni was shortlisted for Alpine Fellowship Theatre Prize in 2020, graduated from MA in Playwriting & Dramaturgy (National University of Galway) the same year and has since been living in Ireland. She is part of Theatre57, participant of Remote Control residencies #2 and #3, and a published poet both in Ireland and in Finland.