Eileen Ryan

Eileen Ryan is an American interdisciplinary artist from Massachusetts that uses her background in science to create investigative works about connection. Using a process of exploration and observation in nature, Eileen creates performative works and installations to communicate her concepts and begin dialogues with a variety of audiences around the world. Eileen’s installations and collaborations have been presented at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv, Cultivamos Cultura and Montras in Säo Luis, Portugal, Belas-Artes ULisboa, the Kanna Arts Festival in Japan, Rossi and Rossi Gallery in London, Meulensteen Gallery in New York, The State House and Harbor Gallery in Boston, The Clifden Arts Festival in Ireland and The Merwin Gallery at Illinois Wesleyan University. Eileen is a contributing artist in “From Dream to Dream. Where Science Meets Art” edited by Alannah Robins and was a resident of Interface in 2018.