Jessamyn Fairfield

Jessamyn Fairfield has been creating improvised theatre and comedy since 2013 at shows and festivals across Ireland and the UK. As a standup comedian, she has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and across the Irish circuit, and created a solo show in 2016 which was described by the Irish Examiner as ‘seriously smart and seriously funny’. She is half of the improv duo the Jess’s’s’s, and has performed at Improv Fest Ireland, Moth and Butterfly Festival, Gather Improv Fest, Dublin Fringe, Hoopla Impro Fest UK & Ireland, Belfast Improv Fest, Impro Fest UK, Electric Picnic, and the Edinburgh Fringe. She has also taught improvisation at Improv Fest Ireland, Gather Improv Fest, and the Galway Theatre Festival.

Jessamyn is also the founding director and MC of Bright Club Ireland, a platform combining research with stand-up comedy that has hosted over 100 live shows as well as a YouTube channel and podcast You’re Up Next. She has co-created shows exploring nanoscience and neuroscience through dance theatre, most recently CONDUIT, with choreographer Deidre Cavazzi. And Jessamyn completed the MA in Writing at the University of Galway in 2021, and has published poetry with Crannóg, Consilience, and Poetry Ireland Review.