Aishling Muller

Aishling Muller is a neuro-diverse lens-based media and performance artist based in North Leitrim. She creates expanded narratives documenting times of transition and transformation in her inner and outer world.

She draws inspiration from cyclical rhythms of death and rebirth in man and nature, often merging digital photography/video/performance in vintage costumes. She also works through traditional fine art photographic landscapes, creating work inside natural backdrops impacted by climate change. Her works also reference the inner journey of individuation.

Aishling presents audiences with experiences of connection to nature and self-exploration. Stemming from a background in documentary, she merges this visual language with contemporary fine art and self-reflective practice.

Aishling holds an audio-visual media degree, an MA in art in the Digital World, and additional training in storytelling, performance, and spiritual, holistic therapies. She interned with Magnum Photos NYC in 2006, is a member of FISL Iceland, and delivered a TED X on Rethinking Creativity in Reykjavik in 2017. Recently, Aishling has become an Artist for Air with Tomorrow’s Air. She has also completed training with the Marina Abramovich Institute and the Centre of Applied Jungian Studies (SA) in 2022. Her work has been supported by the Irish Art Council and she exhibits her work internationally.