Gerard Fenniman

Gerard is an artist based in rural west Limerick with an ecological post-humanist focus to his work as well as having taken part in several socially engaged projects. In 2014 an acquired disability meant reinventing how he approached his work and in 2020 completed an MA in Fine Art Through Research.
His work is often the construct of practical methodology and is often process led engaging in what he calls tactile thought, focusing on environmental and technological concerns from an ontological perspective. Gerard’s work is inspired by the writings of Donna Haraway and amongst many things has been drawn to her use of the word “chthulocene” and her proposal for a compostist society which together challenges us to think our way towards a cultural framework for multi-species flourishing. One of the many lessons here he says he has learned from Donna Haraway is that it matters what stories tell stories, his work today is concerned with telling the stories that make up the current proposed geological epoch that is the Anthropocene.
Gerard uses the disciplines of drawing and multimedia sculpture, print making, sound and experiments with various technologies from electronics to animation.