Avi Ratnayake

Born in Sri lanka, Avi Ratnayake emigrated to the UK in 1994. Having studied Fine Art at university in Bristol, he went onto studying Photography at the City of Westminster College in London. He is now based in Galway, and been practicing as an artist and photographer since 2003 and has had exhibitions in both UK and Ireland. His work has taken him through digital, analogue, infrared, and camera-less photography and explores various interfaces. Most of his work looks at the liminal spaces between cultures or any other intersection between disparate bodies, and often finds his subjects in making portraits and landscapes.

Avi has been working on a landscape project exploring the space between a significant length of time and the ephemerals that exist within that time. Outside of this project he is engaged with marginalised communities in a community integration project, photographing the events and the individuals involved. His work also involves cyanotypes and experimenting with lens-less photographic chemistry combined with digital photography and digital collages.