Louise Manifold

Louise Manifold has exhibited extensively throughout Ireland and internationally in exhibitions at ISCP, New York, Proximal Distances Chicago, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Red House Arts Centre Syracuse New York, Candid Arts Centre, London. 411 Galleries, China. She has been awarded residencies with Tyrone Guthrie, ( 2008) SIM Iceland ( 2008) ISCP New York ( 2010/11). The Botin Foundation, Spain ( 2013). The Royal Hibernian Academy Dublin, Ireland ( 2014/15) and GlogauAIR Berlin ( 2017). Recent projects include AerialSparks for European Capital of Culture, Galway Ireland (2020) Winter Pages, Edited by Kevin Barry and Olivia Smith (2016) Baboro, Galway Ireland (2016) Wild-Screen (2015) Connemara, and Trauma at the Science Gallery, Dublin (2015).

Louise Manifold works conceptually with film, photography, sculpture and text. Fascinated by the power of stories and the creation of myth , Manifold’s work explores narratives and scenarios that challenge on the self and the body in relation to the other. Referencing ideas on cinematic estrangement and theatricality her multi disciplinary practice reflects upon the boundaries of neurosis and myth as a means to explore human disconnection from the lived world in favour of a private real. In her work she creates strategies to explore how forms of story telling can become as a means to unpick processes of belief formation, which she re-articulates different human experience that push the limits of our perception of the self and body in relation to the other. Much of her work is driven by the exploration of outmoded or redundant objects and media, she draws from upon found and archival material, ranging from physical objects, to ephemera or word of mouth testimonies which she adapts into fictional cinematic and sculptural works. She is interested in the sentiments we attach to outmoded objects once they cease to maintain their original function and how technology of the past still haunts our experiences of a digital age. Her engagement with such material centres upon what she believes is its potential to negotiate between communication technologies, narrative, and the articulation of social structures.

Image list

1 – Visitors, site specific installation,  water fountain and flowers, Louise Manifold 2021
2 – In the absence of air, HD digital video, with sound, Louise Manifold 2021
3 – The escape wheel, 2 channel video installation, Louise Manifold 2020
4 – Untitled, digital collage, Louise Manifold 2022
5 – Untitled Digital photograph, Louise Manifold 2022
6 – Only Silent Doubts Flame glass mouth extender, Digital photograph Louise Manifold 2023

Louise Manifold

Aerial Sparks