Sona Smedkova

Sona Smedkova was born in the Czech Republic in 1984. Smedkova left for Ireland where she discovered a passion for art. Uncertainty and lack of experience in the art world led Smedkova to take a courageous step into a new, unknown life of travelling which allowed the time and space for critical reflection. Smedkova returned to Ireland where she gained a First-class Honours, Bachelor of Arts In Contemporary Art, Centre of Creative Arts and Media, Galway, 2020. Smedkova is currently undertaking a Master’s in Creative Practice, Centre of Creative Arts and Media, Galway.

Smedkova is a multidisciplinary artist exploring internal experiences, identity and in-between spaces through photography, painting, video and sound generated by Artificial Intelligence. In 2010, Smedkova was part of several group exhibitions in Galway, curated by Margaret Nolan under the title Space Invaders. In 2019 she took part in the exhibition Coast, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Dublin Road, Galway, a survey of work of 3rd -year graduates from Centre of Creative Arts and Media, Galway. Smedkova was also an Integral member of the student-led curating team for an exhibition for all Centre of Creative Arts and Media contemporary art graduates Not a Degree Show, Connacht Tribune Printworks, funded by Galway City Art Council. She is also a founder of a new artist-led collective T.E.C.A.

She lives in Galway with her partner Nigel, bringing up their two sons, Tommy and Nathan.

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