Rebecca Philbin

Rebecca is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Co.Galway with a B.A. Hons degree in fine art from CCAM (GMIT) 2018. Rebecca draws inspiration from it being innately human to explore our environment, looking for existential truths. She is interested in natural order and the fragile balance of nature. Everything has its place and purpose. There is a harmonic balance of fundamental elements, that if upset or destroyed have a chain reaction on everything else.
Rebecca is interested in ancient wisdom and laws like cymatics, natural geometry, Celtic mythology, femininity and fertility. She researches natural cures, Rituals and beliefs, recently with more focus on rewilding, ecology and sustainability. She fuses sculptural ceramics, painting, sound recordings, photography and found materials to create emotive pieces that send a message of all things being inter-connected. A meeting of art and the human experience. We are creation in action and expression.
Rebecca was a recipient of the Agility Award and An Interface residency in 2021. Her work is published in Irish Ceramics and has enjoyed exhibiting in her locality – Unit 22 “Rewilding” 2018 – “Westival” 2019 – UachterARTS 2021-2023 – Atlantaquaria Galway 2022 – Clay Galway 2021 – 2022. All Saints, Clonbur 2023