Olivia Hassett

Olivia Hassett is a Dublin based artist who creates live works, sculptures, and immersive installations. In 2012 she graduated with a Master’s in fine art Sculpture from NCAD.

From a young age her fascination with science and more specifically human biology was fostered by her mother who was a biology teacher.  Working as an artist in residence in Tallaght University Hospital and collaborating with scientists in Trinity College Dublin over the past number of years has created a vibrant and exciting framework for her exploration of notions pertaining to the female medical body.

Her interest in the microscopic workings of the human body and how the various individual organs and systems converge to create unique human bodies is mirrored in her live works.  The relationship between her body, the sculptural elements, and the ‘fabric’ of the spaces she performs in are sites of contestation.  The improvised live works push and pull across the shifting boundaries between strength/ fragility, inside/ outside and the public/ private body.

Olivia Hassett was awarded two Community Health Initiative Scheme awards for work with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.  She was part of an interdisciplinary collaborative team that was funded by TCD to research and develop two high profile projects and exhibitions inspired by a selection of trees on their campus.