Niceol Blue

Niceol Blue is a storyteller in song, sound and word. A singer, songwriter, sound artist, writer, improviser, and storyteller, she grew up in the wilds of Pacific Northwest, before moving to the west of Ireland—both environments helping to shape and influenced her practice. A published poet and writer, Niceol has performed to audience acclaim all around the world, with work described as ‘exceptional and powerful’. Niceol is a founding member of the Moth and Butterfly Storytelling, Collective, and, along with her solo music career, she fronts several bands and music projects in and around Galway. As a storyteller, Niceol has told all around the world. Her story ‘The Sandwich Christian Christmas’ was featured on The Moth Storytelling Podcast Radio Hour, in late 2023.

You can listen to some of Niceol’s music here:

And hear her storytelling here: