Woodland Symposium Open Day

Please join us for the Open Day of the third Woodland Symposium, to see the work of Brett Sroka, Christine Mackey, Helena Doyle, Linda Schirmer, Noelle Gallagher & Sarah Roseingrave.

2-4pm, Saturday 29th April

The hatchery building where Interface is located is surrounded by 37 acres of Sitka Spruce forest. It has long been the vision of the landlord to restore this barren, monocultural forest to native woodland, with a preference for continuous cover. In 2018 an application was made for a felling license, in order to initiate this process. About 700 saplings have been planted, and consistent work done to protect naturally self-seeded saplings against grazing by deer and sheep. In the meantime, Interface has initiated several projects in which artistic interventions reflect on this exciting project and the ecological change. It is envisaged that the projects will evolve with the gradually changing evolution of the ecology and the healing of the land.

Woodland Symposium – A team of artists are engaged in making a long term artistic response to the planned restoration of Sitka Spruce to native woodland. They are being led by ecologist Marie Louise Heffernan and archaeologist Michael Gibbons. The intention of the project is to initiate a slow-art response with longevity, which will evolve with the slowly changing ecology of the site. The group of artists return year on year, with some small shifts in the group, participants dipping in and out over the years. This year is the 3rd iteration of the event.