Performance Ecologies

Performance Ecologies is curated by Áine Phillips and Alannah Robins and will take the form of a weekend of performance and talks exploring ecology and the environment.

An afternoon of new performances will take place at Interface 2pm – 8pm on Saturday 27th August with an artists’ breakfast meet n greet talks 12 noon -2pm on Sunday 28th August.

This project will address the relations of humans to our environment in the context of the unique landscape of the Inagh Valley, and the wider context of the west of Ireland. There are special perspectives this remote and de-centered place can offer the world and other locations that are hubs or centers. In the west we have a relationship to place which is deeply connected to the political, ecological, cultural history and contemporary experience of the landscape, and Performance Ecologies will explore various dimensions of this relationship.

Day Magee | IE ; Eileen Hutton | IE; Noel Arrigan | IE; Gustaf Broms | SE; Tadhg Ó Cuirrín | IE with screenings by Áine Phillips & Elizabeth Bleynat.

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i hear voices – Tadhg Ó Cuirrín


Eileen Hutton in The Microecologies of the Inagh Valley will conduct a series of workshops in and with the water on site at the hatchery, using nets, waders, petri dishes and a stereo microscope. Participants will co-create an underwater-world installation using photo microscopic images

A Fish in the Shape of a Voice by Day Magee will address the original function of the salmon hatchery and explore a symbolic germination and continuation of salmon at Interface. In this work, the salmon will persist as an idea to be experienced via the human body and expressed via words.

Noel Arrigan in Healing Point, will perform a durational piece on a bed of nails to promote healing in the body. He draws a relationship between the human body and the surrounding landscape in an ancient and mystical physical ritual.

Gustaf Broms will create a performative representation of the environment with its contrasts, beauty, cracks, poetry, and reflections in people.

Elizabeth Bleynat’s short film Polypropolyene II will be screened in which she performs a queer embodiment of environmental degradation and transforms the plastic detritus washed up on our Atlantic shores.

The award winning collaborative Burren College of Art film project Coming Full Circle will also be screened. The artistic community of the Burren College engaged with the eminent UK walking artist Richard Long to performatively repair his Circle in Ireland 1974 at Doolin, Co. Clare.

Tadhg Ó’Cuirrín will present and host I Hear Voices, an interactive art karaoke performance located in one of the cavernous and echoing salmon tanks on site.

Produced by Jill Murray