COTHÚ – in collaboration with GMIT Letterfrack

COTHÚ – Led by Jeremy Madden, the 4th year students of GMIT Letterfrack furniture college were invited to design and construct shelter for oak saplings. The saplings have grown from acorns planted by the jay, most likely transported from the Derryclare ancient oak forest across the lake from the hatchery. They are vulnerable to grazing by sheep and deer. The purpose of the structures is to protect the saplings from grazing while allowing enough light through in order for them to thrive. The students were encouraged to find and forage for a successful solution to the problem at hand and to use materials that were in the woods. 

The project overlaps with the Woodland Symposium, enabling all sorts of exciting cross fertilization. Jeremy shared his experience of making cordage from nettles and Brett Sroka serenaded the saplings as we viewed them lit up in the dark.