Supermarket Art Fair & Iceland

We were delighted to bring the work of Louise Manifold and Olivia Hassett to Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, where we got a really wonderful response to our work. It was a great pleasure to meet Ambassador Barbara Jones at the Fair, and to introduce her to many of our collaborative partners. We were especially thrilled that Dagens Nyheter ran with our image for their Culture Calendar of the weekend in question. Alannah managed also to catch up with Moataz Nasr for his talk at Oläkt in Moderna Museet Malmö, curated by Abir Boukari and Joa  Ljungberg before heading to Iceland for a visit to the Fish Factory.

In Iceland, Emma & Alannah made the epic 10 hour road trip from Reykjavik to the Fish factory in Stöðvarfjörður, East Iceland to meet up with Vinny, Una and Kris for the start of Selma Makela & Hardy Langer’s residency. We were really impressed by the energy of their organisation, and the imaginative way they are embedding the studios in the community. We look forward to a continued partnership and growing links between our well matched organisations.