Immersion into Encaustic Painting with Isabelle Gaborit

Interface is delighted to host a weekend workshop with Isabelle Gaborit on the 8-9 July.

About the workshop

During this weekend workshop,  Isabelle will demonstrate various techniques which can be used by artists working with encaustic painting, focusing on geological activity and phenomena in relation to notions of time. Like the natural forces which give shape to the landscape over long period of time, she will demonstrate the necessary physicality of the processes that shaped the land, may they be erosion, deposition, weathering or relief, by building up, scrapping back, heating, cooling, scoring, shaping and building up layers. In overall, by mimicking the addition and subtraction of geological processes in nature, she is hoping to reveal records or stories, whose traces are still left on highly tactile surfaces.

Participants will be exposed to basic, intermediate and advanced techniques in working with encaustic medium.

Whether you come with a project in mind or a blank canvas, you will find support and input, from like-minded people, while being given all the skills you need for creative growth.

Engage with the light filled ruggedness of Connemara and generates new visions, while taking the opportunity to meet fellow artists.

Workshop limited to 8 participants. Cost is €250 and bookings are through the artist-Isabelle Gaborit-directly, details are below

Art Classes for everyone: absolute beginners and developing artists alike.

Booking Information

contact Isabelle Gaborit at : Mobile: 0872793819 Email: