Falling in Love Outward

Falling in Love Outward

Taking its title and impetus from The Ecology of Perception, an interview by Emergence magazine with philosopher David Abram, the exhibition urges a Falling in Love Outward as the only path towards ecological recovery.  Falling in Love Outward is curated by Interface artistic director Alannah Robins.

The nine artists are members of three artist–led initiatives, drawn together through online programming at Interface during COVID lockdowns: Breda BurnsJane CassidyIan Wieczorek [Interface, Connemara], Zahra Zavareh, Emmy DijkstraJenny Soep [Detroit, Stockholm], Seçil Yaylali, Özgür Demirci, Gülçin Aksoy [Pasaj, Istanbul].

Using a variety of media, including film, textile, sound and paint, Falling in Love Outward  invites us to reflect on our physical surroundings and to question the role that we have in ecological repair.

It seems to me that falling in love outward with the more-than-human earth is the deepest medicine for this, because if there’s anything that the local earth wherever you live teaches, it’s the need for diversity, the need for the whole, weird multiplicity of shapes of life and styles of sentience—all of them shaped so differently from you and from one another—to be interacting with one another in order for the land to be strong, to be healthy, to be resilient. And so as we open our hearts and open our senses to the wider sensuous earth, I think we imbibe this deep teaching of diversity, of the need for an irreducible pluralism, and for celebrating otherness and radical alterity, radical otherness in our world, not looking to just shelter ourselves among those who think just like us or speak just like us or look just like us, but taking deep, new pleasure in otherness and strangeness. That’s the deep magic that I think is leaking back into human society today and into the more-than-human community as we humans fall in love outward. – David Abram


The exhibition is open from 12-6 daily, 11th – 24th July and 15th – 25th September. In September the show will be augmented with the work of 13 Interface members Mary Donnelly, Margaret Irwin West, Bernie Dignam, Bryan Gerard Duffy, Tim Acheson, Selma Makela, Lelia Ní Chathmhaoil, Noel Arrigan, Linda Schirmer, Angela Williams, Eileen Ryan, Betty Gannon, Olivia Hassett. 

Falling in Love Outward is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and the Galway International Arts Festival