Print making workshop with Clare Henderson

Dry point workshop with printmaker Clare Henderson – 19th July 11-3 

Drypoint is a printmaking technique of the intaglio family, in which an image is incised into a plate with a hard-pointed “needle” of sharp metal. In principle, the method is practically identical to engraving. The difference is in the use of tools, and that the raised ridge along the furrow is not scraped or filed away as in engraving.

In this, the first of our printmaking workshops we will draw directly on the plate outside (unless it’s lashing!) at the hatchery and print up a few proofs on the press in the studio. Bring an apron.

Workshop price: €90 Materials included

Clare Henderson was born in Dublin in 1981. She began her art training in Ballyfermot Senior College and went on to study Fine Art Print in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. On graduating in 2005 she began printing in Graphic Studio Dublin, having received the Graphic Studio Dublin Graduate Award (2005). There, with the help of studio staff and members, she has furthered her printing practice to create a body of work based around ideas relating to the human condition. She creates muted coloured and black and white etchings, drypoints, lithographs and pencil drawings. Mainly based on the figure, they evoke existential elements which she believes are inherent in us all. The gesture of a pose has become very important. She uses the figure as if she were directing these characters as players on a stage. Drawing inspiration from themes present in theatre and literature, she is interested in the work of Samuel Beckett, Paul Auster and Don DeLillo, in particular his short novel The Body Artist (2001).

She enjoyed her first solo exhibition in Monstertruck Gallery in 2006 and since then has exhibited in the Talbot Gallery, SO Fine Art Editions, Graphic Studio Gallery and the National Gallery of Ireland.

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