2017 – July

We received over 30 applications from around the planet and the full programme for Autumn is now realised:


Madelaine Sillfors, Brett Sroka and Rauno Nieminen. In collaboration with Galway Jazz Festival, Clifden Arts Festival and Culture Night we are delighted to announce the arrival of these fine artists. Four site visits will give an audience a chance to experience the work of Sillfors and Sroka together with a member’s show at Interface during the Clifden Arts Festival. Anyone still around Galway for the Galway Jazz Festival (5th – 8th October) will have the opportunity to hear Nieminen and Sroka in concert.


Jasmin Marker.  “My primary material interest lies in the microbial kingdoms. By engaging with fungal and bacterial cultures I seek analogies to societal cultures, exploring relevant scientific concepts and their philosophical paradigms.
The nature of my work is very experimental. My project ideas frequently stem from scientific hypotheses of how something affects something, but my artistic imagination takes it from there. Thereby I negotiate possible intersections of art and science.”


Sarasija Subramanian (India)

Foad Alijani (Iran)

Michael Geddis (Ireland)

Masanori Matsuda (Japan)