2017 – April

We proudly announce that Surfacing –  Linda Schirmer and Alannah Robins – is being screened as part of Limited Access 7, festival for moving images, sound and performance, Tehran this month.

In September, coinciding with Clifden Arts Festival, Interface will host Swedish artist, Madelaine Sillfors.
“My work takes place in the field of drawing and sculpture in a way that I focus on the architecture, and spiritual information I hear/see when working in a space. I often use the spatiality of the room as a reference point, and at Interface I would work spatially with the old salmon hatchery and the very interesting architecture of the old water tanks. I have started to work with the concept of the function of the sift. Filtering…with the filtering function of many living creatures in the sea.” New York composer, musician and sound artist, Brett Sroka comes to Interface in late September/early October.“The liminality that defines electro-acoustic sound, the transition between those aural phenomena, has been a recurring theme in my work, which has manifested itself in acoustic pieces that are transformed into electronic reflections of  themselves in real time, performance techniques that confound the physical and the aural, or generative sound installations that grow out of improvisation or audience interaction.”


Glynn and Dalmazzo

A few images and links to Cusp and Fusion, some excerpts of work by Anna Glynn and Peter Dalmazzo, completed during their residency at Interface.