Stephanie McLaughlin

Landscape is the context in which my expression occurs. Locality consists of spaces in which we are drawn outside ourselves, and in which the erosion of our lives takes place. Impressions of the landscape capture the essence of a space and time, emotional, thoughtful, and personal, and a basis for a visual vocabulary that is more universal, therefore the painting is an experience rather than a view and has its own internal visual logic so it can function as an artwork .  I describe my work as influenced by inner factors, intuitive, related to memories, senses, emotions. Time found in space stilled. The landscape as a reflection of my own condition. To quote Camille Souter: ‘Painting has gathered time into its being, almost as if it is a conversation.’

Stephanie McLaughlin is a visual artist living in the west of Ireland. She holds an MA in Creative Practice from Atlantic Technological University in Galway. She received an Arts Council Agility Award in 2021 and was the recipient of an individual artist bursary from Galway City council in 2019. Her work has been purchased by Galway City Council, The Galway Clinic, and can be viewed in University Hospital Galway Symptomatic Breast Unit. She has completed numerous private commissions. She has had three solo exhibitions Galway and has been involved in numerous group shows, including the 191st RHA annual exhibition in 2021.