Beatrice O’Connell is a multidisciplinary artist and painter from Dublin, Ireland. She has practiced professionally since 1996, exhibiting in Ireland and internationally. Her practice focuses on bionomic behaviour in the context of the climate crisis. Recent exhibitions include a solo show, ‘Overwintering on the Moon,’ at Taylor Galleries, Dublin in February 2024.

‘The two-week research residency at Interface Inagh has provided me with the opportunity to explore process-oriented research in a location rich with historical and environmental significance. I am working on a cross-disciplinary performance/video/animation piece that weaves together emerging narratives blending mythology, ecological storytelling, and embodied practice. Drawing on various disciplines like film, assemblage, performance, and sound, I investigate human and animal behaviours in the face of climate crisis.
During my residency, I have recorded experimental footage in various settings, including indoor studio spaces and outdoor locations. Within the studio environment, I dedicate time to
researching materials and experimenting with video editing techniques. My creative process involves drawing, collaging, cyanotype printing, and constructing sculptural assemblages.’

Beatrice O’Connell