Jófríður & Joshua were the first artists in residence of 2024, as part of our exchange programme with the Fish factory, Iceland.
Joshua Wilkinson is a Brisbane-born artist and producer currently based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Joshua has worked with some of the most pioneering figures in contemporary sound, completing an internship at Greenhouse Studio in Reykjavik & subsequently working in studios across the world with artists such as Ben Frost, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Shahzad Ismaily, JFDR, John Grant & Damien Rice. Beyond the confines of the studio, Joshua’s own artistic output brings together his experience with audio production, interactive design, and spectacle theatre to create extraordinary and transformative audience experiences. His work shows little regard for the traditional limitations of sound media, instead focusing on the ways audio can be used as part of a rich sensory palette to tell human stories. In 2014 he took out the expressing category at the IXDA Conference Awards presented in Helsinki. Josh holds an Honours degree in interactive sound design from Queensland University of Technology.
As a 14 year old in Reykjavik Jófríður Ákadóttir. began her musical career exploring the vast universe of experimental music while retaining a massive heart at her core. Over the past 12 years Ákadóttir has released 12 records including as a member of Pascal Pinon & Samaris collaborated with renowned artists Ólafur Arnalds and Damien Rice scored the award-winning Icelandic film Backyard Village and garnered fans across the world – including Björk who cites Ákadóttir as an inspiration. Following 2017’s Brazil her first record as JFDR Ákadóttir returned with 2020’s New Dreams “very haunting electro-pop music that’s very subtle very inward looking” (NPR Music) and “the kind of album that might give you space to reach your own small revelations” (Stereogum).
Just after the couple left Interface for Texas, to play at SXSW, Jof’s album Museum won Album of the year in the pop, folk section of the Icelandic Music Awards.