David McGovern is a multidisciplinary artist and educator. He works with video, poetry and live performance to create space for reflection and speculation. Themes in his work include care, queer identity, rejection and desire. His writing has been published in The Stinging Fly and Fourteen Poems. He is a recipient of the Arts Council’s Next Generation Artist Award.

David is an associate lecturer at University of the Arts London, teaching moving image and arts participation at Central St Martins and Chelsea School of Art and Design. He has delivered workshops in a variety of environments outside the university, including schools and studios in Nepal and Japan. His passion for supporting queer youth had led to ongoing voluntary work with Irish non-profit Shoutout, who tackle bullying and promote inclusion in secondary schools.

David is currently resident artist at Irish Theatre Institute. He is developing a new live show entitled ‘Someone Else’ which was awarded an Arts Council Theatre Bursary in late 2023.

“Before arriving at Interface I knew I wanted to explore eco-anxiety, extractionism and feelings of helplessness around climate crisis. When I arrived on site, I was struck by the unusual landscape; the structures left over from the salmon hatchery are bold and odd. I decided to lean into a more playful and camp tone, exploring the intended themes in a satirical way. The resulting video work, ‘Capital Growth’, benefited from this creative turn. In addition to the environment offering so much, the team at Interface were attentive throughout. Huge thanks to Alannah and Emma for their support while at Interface.”

David McGovern