Clíona Ní Laoi & Alfie Brooks

Clíona Ní Laoi is a interdisciplinary media artist. Her practice includes video, sound, collage, photography, poetry, performance, music and site-specific installation. She is drawn to the intangible, the elusive and the unknown, and her work is an on-going investigation into an ‘in-between’ abstract space. She is concerned with ideas of the self and the other, man/nature, and our sense of place. She often uses a myriad of media and technology to find meaning in the ‘meaningless’. Everyday images and sounds are distorted and reconstructed to make new meanings. As an experimental musician she works with technology, sound and words to apply musical ideas of echo, movement and delay within her works. Her work can be delicate and elusive or chaotic, using sporadic sound, light and live manipulation. Like an electric witch, her work turns signals to synaesthesia, reconstructing what she finds into a state of immersive hypnosis-mysterious images and soundscapes that have no direct origin in this phenomenal, existential world.

During her residency, which she shared with Alfie Brooks, we opened the doors to a mini-outdoor-audience for their work in progress concert/performance. They were conducting experiments into using the subterranean water sump as a musical instrument. On the day, what we experienced was the entire hatchery turned musical instrument… with sounds emanating from every pipe, every tank, every corner of the site … it was quite amazing!